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I'm out of the office for a little while. One day soon, I'll be back. 


What to wear to a 1960's Pool Party

Le Temps de l'Amour by Francoise Hardy

It's June, 1960. There's a pool party to attend. !&*d7, what am I going to wear? 

My friend asked me what she should wear to a 60's themed pool party, so I put myself in those shoes and did a little digging. So many bathing suit options, but I was focused on the cover up and accessories and leaning more towards the hippie years than mod. Here's what I'd wear... 

1960's Pool Party

Haute Hippie tank dress

Joie short dress

G.o. max sandals

Vintage bag

Vintage bag

Helene Berman band hat
$120 - julesb.co.uk

Wet seal

Round frame sunglasses

Vans heart sunglasses
$16 - asos.com

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When It Is Cold In Spring

You Were Young by The Dead Ships

Ah, the age old question: Why do you have a fur vest? For that time when it's 50 degrees or below in May, of course. As luck would have it, two things aligned perfectly this year: fur vests and cold May weather. Then a vintage train crashed into this perfect alignment from Mother Nature and closets and boom, my outfit was created.

The Dead Ship's raspy, garage-y, pop-y, songs have a certain vintage appeal to them. Maybe it's the scratchy guitar? Fits quite nicely with my abundantly vintage outfit.

[Outfit: Dress, vintage (similar); Belt, H&M (similar); Vest, unknown (similar); Bag, Celine; Shoes, Coclico (similar); Glasses, vintage; Necklace, Prabal Gurung for Target; Ring, vintage]

[Images by Miss Renaissance]