When It Is Cold In Spring

You Were Young by The Dead Ships

Ah, the age old question: Why do you have a fur vest? For that time when it's 50 degrees or below in May, of course. As luck would have it, two things aligned perfectly this year: fur vests and cold May weather. Then a vintage train crashed into this perfect alignment from Mother Nature and closets and boom, my outfit was created.

The Dead Ship's raspy, garage-y, pop-y, songs have a certain vintage appeal to them. Maybe it's the scratchy guitar? Fits quite nicely with my abundantly vintage outfit.

[Outfit: Dress, vintage (similar); Belt, H&M (similar); Vest, unknown (similar); Bag, Celine; Shoes, Coclico (similar); Glasses, vintage; Necklace, Prabal Gurung for Target; Ring, vintage]

[Images by Miss Renaissance]


  1. Beautiful photos! I think that this is one of the best posts you’ve ever published. Keep going! ;)

    1. Aw, that's very sweet. Thank you so much for the support! I will get back to it soon and give you a shout when I do :)

  2. Nice photo i think photographer is professional who shoot this beautiful photo and he know good photo editing. Also dress is so nice with pretty face. I hope keep up your gorgeous work